Who Is Certifly?

The Founders of Certifly pioneered 3rd party "remote measurements" in October of 2007. This immediately identified the need for higher quality imagery with more comprehensive coverage and led Certifly to develop very early (2011), patented drone technology. With the advent of the FAA Class G airspace in late 2016, Certifly is now positioned and uniquely qualified to bring to market its state of the art data acquisition and data flow solutions.

What's In It For Me?

Certifly's Unbeatable Patented Technology

Fast Data Acquisition

With Certifly, you receive your data in the field in real-time, (1-15 minutes from landing depending on your data needs). Certifly does not require complex flight configuration or massive data uploads. Receive actionable data in minutes vs. hours. Other drone solutions require 5 - 10 minutes of pre-flight configuration, 10 to 30 minutes of flight time (multiple batteries), plus another 5 to 10 minutes of image upload to the cloud (using gigs of your cellular data assuming you have cell coverage, or you have to wait until you get back to the office to start the upload). All this just to begin the requisite 2-3 hours of processing to create a 3D model.

100% Coverage

Remove the delays, frustration and uncertainty that comes with data-based imagery. When you rely on data-based imagery you never know if they will have the coverage you need, and if they do, is it usable imagery (tree coverage, shadows, unusual perspective, poor resolution, invisible new construction, etc..)? It certainly will not document the condition of the roof on the day you need it. With a drone and Certifly, you control when and where you can acquire data - anywhere in the world. What about near an airport? When you must rely on data-based imagery, Certifly has you covered with RoofShots.com, their Remote Measurement Service Provider. Like we said, 100% coverage!

Premium Data

In our lifetime we have seen the transition from satellite imagery at 12" - 24" per pixel, to high fly over aerial imagery from 4"-6" per pixel, to up close, real time drone imagery no longer measured in inches per pixel, but pixels per inch. This is an order of magnitude advance over previous technologies and the apex state of the art. Drones are powerful tools that provide a level of accuracy and detail that eclipses all others. Join Certifly as we usher in this new era of Premium Real Time Data Acquisition.

Own Your Day

Take control of your schedule and no longer wait for a third party to determine when or if they can provide images and measurements for your job-site, No good comes from heading back to a job-site because your data wasn't delivered. Certifly delivers the most up-to-date and actionable data in the field possible. Walk away from your job-site with all of the data in hand. Certifly has intentionally built its solution to work independent of cell coverage for rural or post-natural catastrophe conditions. Ask us how Certifly can help your business, "Own The Day".

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